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M.D., Associate Professor, University of California San Francisco

The goal of my laboratory is to identify novel therapeutic approaches for cancer that target the genetic mutations and altered signaling networks that are specific to cancer cells. We are also interested in asking fundamental questions about how cancer cells are rewired through a combination of cell intrinsic and micro-environmental alterations. We use functional genomics applied to mouse and human systems (genetically engineered models, patient derived xenografts) to understand the transcriptional networks that regulate the outcome of specific oncogenic mutations. We have two primary disease interests: lung cancer and pediatric sarcomas. We use computational genomic analysis and function genomics extensively in our work. Lastly, we are interested in the application of next-generation sequencing to drive precision medicine for advanced pediatric cancer patients and are leading efforts to apply cutting edge genomics for advanced cancers at Benioff Children’s Hospitals of UCSF.

Session Abstract – PMWC 2019 Silicon Valley

Session Synopsis: Precision oncology adoption into the clinical oncology workflow has been slow despite the technical and scientific advancements in molecular diagnostics and targeted therapeutics. Precision oncology incorporates in-depth genomic analysis of the patient’s tumor, interpretation of genomics results by the molecular tumor board (MTB), translation of findings into actionable therapeutic approaches, as well as navigation of the insurance and payor landscape in support of patients and providers. This session includes participants from various cancer centers that will share their learnings and the resulting added value to their institutions and medical communities, as well as the challenges they have to overcome when applying precision oncology through the MTB process.

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