Speaker Profile

Co-Founder, COO, DNA Compass

Xavier is a change agent. In the course of several startups, most recently MTM Choice, and currently DNA Compass, Xavier has been instrumental in focusing the vision and viability of products to deliver business results. Xavier has a long standing interest in connecting the disparate genomics stakeholders and holds a patent in applying GIS technology to do so. Xavier’s cross vertical leadership experience in software (Autodesk) and marketing (Digitas) has been a key driver of DNA Compass’s innovative genomics solution. Xavier’s key area of strength is the ability to enable shifts in product and business strategy to align with emergent customer needs.

AI and Data Science Showcase: DNA Compass
Our mission is creating connections between disparate stakeholders in genetic research, by enabling them to meetup at a marker.

Applying Spatial Analysis To Genetic Data At Scale
Demonstrating how spatial analysis of genetic data can reliably inform research vectors as well as encourage global collaboration on shared areas of interest. Case studies in speed of deployment as well as security guidelines for genetics infrastructure.

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