Speaker Profile

Ph.D., Sr. Data Scientist, Elsevier

Will Dowling is a data scientist with a strong interest in the applications of linguistics at scale to solve problems in health care. Early in his career his work focused on applications of formal semantics in computer science, in the areas of logics of programs and compiler correctness. Seeking more active integration of his interest in linguistics, for the last several years Will has worked on applying techniques of large-scale computing to problems in natural language processing. In the Smart Content Health Sciences group at Elsevier Will is involved in projects that automate the process of maintaining a large medical taxonomy/ontology. As part of that remit he leads the effort to identify/extract relations of clinical importance, e.g. disease-symptom, from millions of full text articles and books in the Elsevier corpus of scientific and medical literature.

AI and Data Science Showcase: Elsevier
Elsevier is a global information analytics company combining content with technology that specializes in Science and Health.

Fact Extraction/Knowledge Representation For Diagnosis and Drug Safety
Extraction of facts from text is a critical need for several aspects of precision medicine. We present Elsevier’s approaches using traditional ML and deep learning in two of these areas: extracting symtom-disease relations from medical text and adverse drug reactions from FDA approved drug labels.

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