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Ph.D., CEO, L7 Informatics, Inc.

Dr. Vasu Rangadass, PhD is the CEO at L7 Informatics, Inc. Formerly Lab7 Systems, L7 (www.l7informatics.com) provides software and services that enable synchronized solutions for science + health. L7’s novel Enterprise Science Platform (ESP) is a scientific process and data management (SPDM) solution that enables life science and healthcare companies to connect people, processes, and systems to accelerate discoveries and drive precision healthcare. Prior to L7 Informatics, Dr. Rangadass was the Chief Strategy Officer at NantHealth following its acquisition of Net.Orange, the company he founded to provide an enterprise-wide platform – Clinical Operating System (cOS) to simplify and optimize care delivery processes in health systems. Holding several patents in “Master Data Management” (MDM), Enterprise “Operating Systems”, and Workflow Management (as well as extensive process experience in the Life Sciences & Healthcare Industries.


Ai and Data Science Showcase: Scientific Process and Data Management (SPDM)
With the advent of precision medicine and new class of treatments, including gene and cell therapies, there is a need for a new category of companion informatics platforms that automate and synchronize complex therapeutic processes. The goal of SPDM is to take all the science + health processes to the next level of organization by having all the machine and human components blended together into one seamless workflow. This talk will discuss how to fully enable SPDM in healthcare and life sciences organizations by providing full transparency into the next generation of diagnostic and therapeutic operations through streamlined consent management, sample tracking, real-time data acquisition, inline bio-informatics and AI-based diagnostic decision support and process coordination.

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