Speaker Profile

Ph.D., Director, R&D, Integrated Oncology, LabCorp

After studying in the field of cancer epigenetics, Dr. Jensen joined Sequenom in 2009 and was part of the team that developed and launched the first commercially available noninvasive prenatal test based on circulating cell-free DNA (cfDNA) in the U.S. Subsequently, Dr. Jensen has been involved in numerous assay development efforts focused on the identification and detection of genetic and epigenetic changes in cfDNA for use in prenatal and cancer diagnostics. Since the acquisition of Sequenom by LabCorp in 2016, his work has been primarily focused on the development of novel technologies and assays, primarily using cfDNA, with the overarching goal of utilizing these technologies to improve human health.

Liquid Biopsy Showcase: LabCorp
Integrated Oncology is the segment of LabCorp that is committed to serving cancer patients through an array of pathology and oncology testing services.

Genome-Wide cfDNA Sequencing In Cancer Patients
Complimentary to methods that use ultra-deep targeted sequencing, we will present data from low-coverage, genome-wide sequencing of cfDNA to detect and quantify tumor-specific CNAs and describe how these data can be used to differentiate therapeutic response.

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