Session Abstract – PMWC 2019 Silicon Valley

Session Synopsis: Data aggregation and data analysis is critical for acceleration of precision medicine, for enabling new discoveries, and for the development of efficient new treatment protocols for patients. This session will demonstrate with the help of powerful use cases the need for data collection, analysis, and interpretation for improved patient-care.

Session Chair Profile

B.S., Vice President, Chief Technology/Medical Informatics Officer, M2Gen

Judy Barkal currently leads Technology and Medical Informatics at M2Gen. She brings deep experience in strategy, innovation and complex business and technology transformation. Judy’s most recent role was Head of Information Strategy and Innovation at Knight Cancer Institute, Oregon Health and Science University. At OHSU, Judy established a cancer informatics strategic roadmap and, as PI, led the creation of a clinical data repository integrated with genomics data to serve multiple cancer researchers and programs. Judy was previously a Partner at IBM, Global Business Services where she led complex business and technology transformations globally in financial services, healthcare, energy, and retail. Prior to IBM, Judy specialized in clusters and high performance computing at Sequent Computer Systems. In her early career, she developed safety-critical, real-time flight control systems at Rockwell Collins.


Accelerating Precision Medicine Using ORIEN Avatar
We will describe the ORIEN Avatar system of aggregated clinical and genomic data. We will present examples of using the Avatar system to accelerate biomarker-driven clinical trials, prioritize indications for I/O therapy, develop a synthetic control arm for a CAR-T trial, and use real world data to investigate drug safety.

Speaker Profile

Ph.D., Chief of Bioinformatics, ASCO CancerLinQ

George Komatsoulis is the Chief of Bioinformatics at CancerLinQ, a rapid learning healthcare program at the American Society of Clinical Oncology. CancerLinQ uses standard clinical care data from Electronic Health Records to create a national cohort that participating practices can use to improve outcomes for their patients. Prior to coming to CancerLinQ, Dr. Komatsoulis spent 12 years at the NIH, working at the National Cancer Institute and the National Center for Biotechnology Information. At the NIH, he spearheaded the development of innovative biomedical informatics capabilities including the NCI Cancer Genomics Cloud Pilots, the NIH Commons Credits Model and semantic technology to support interoperability. From 1997 – 2004, Dr. Komatsoulis was a bioinformatics scientist at Human Genome Sciences, Inc. after completing a PhD in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry and post-doctoral work in Biochemistry at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Mathematics at the University of Southern California.

Speaker Profile

Ph.D., Associate Professor, Epidemiology & Biostatistics and Director of Discovery and Precision Health UCSF California Preterm Birth Initiative, UCSF School of Medicine

Dr. Laura Jelliffe-Pawlowski, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Epidemiology & Biostatistics in the UCSF School of Medicine and is the Director of Precision Health and Discovery with the UCSF California Preterm Birth Initiative. Dr. Jelliffe-Pawlowski and her team work to identify new tools, tests and technologies that can help identify pregnant women and babies at increased risk for preterm birth, complications of prematurity, and associated birth defects and developmental delays. She has a particular focus and interest in work that leverages molecular markers to help predict outcomes and identify in-roads for intervention and has developed tests to predict preterm birth, metabolically date babies at birth, and tests to predict survival and severe complications in vulnerable babies. She leads cohort studies in the United States and Africa that focus on vulnerable populations of color with the aim of uncovering and addressing cell-to-society drivers of pregnancy and newborn complications.

Speaker Profile

Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology, University of California Santa Cruz

Olena Morozova Vaske is the Founder of the Treehouse Childhood Cancer Initiative at the University of Santa Cruz Genomics Institute, where she is Assistant Professor of Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology. Dr. Vaske is the scientific lead for the California Kids Cancer Comparison (CKCC) project, one of the demonstration projects of the California Initiative to Advance Precision Medicine, a public-private effort recently launched by Governor Edmund G. Brown, Jr. Dr. Vaske’s research focuses on developing novel RNA-Seq analysis approaches to discover druggable targets for pediatric cancer patients. Dr. Vaske holds a PhD in Bioinformatics from the University of British Columbia and a BSc (Hons) in Molecular Genetics and Biology from the University of Toronto.

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