Speaker Profile

Founder, PerSoN Clinic

Sarah Iranpour is a serial entrepreneur, who uses her business and technical acumen in pursuit of her dream for better healthcare for all. With more than 15 years’ experience in system architecture and process optimization expertise, Sarah has designed several research projects including a health and wellness collaboration system, a traffic system optimization using non-linear modeling, and an education system. For the last 8 years, Sarah has been using her passion for improving the healthcare system to support health researchers by digitizing the latest health research methodologies. To create a meaningful and direct communication bridge between patients, care providers, and health researchers, Sarah constructed PerSoN Clinic, an engaging, evidenced-based one healthcare delivery system for patients suffering from cancer, depression, and smoking addiction–three highly comorbid conditions–to unlock the hidden impact of environment and comorbidities on treatment outcomes.

Health Monitoring Showcase: PerSoN Clinic
An engaging patient-reported outcome data-collection platform that harmonizes and integrates patient, care provider, and researcher communication in real time.

Patient Expectations And The Paradigm Shift Of Care To One Health
One in three adults globally suffers from multiple chronic conditions (MCCs). Although a decade of research highlights the imperative to address MCCs simultaneously, healthcare has yet to adopt the needed approach. PerSoN Clinic aims to lead the One Health movement.

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