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MBA, CEO, MedySapiens, Inc.

Sanggoo Kang is CEO & founder of MedySapiens, Inc. pursuing perfect harmony of Biomedical and Data Science (Bioinformatics and Artificial Intelligence combined). Previously, Kang was COO/VP at DNA Link, one of the largest genomics service providers in Korea. After getting MBA from Duke in 1999, Kang worked for various companies in the US mostly in Hi-Tech marketing and business development area. They include 3M, Toshiba America, Samsung Electronics America, Nortel Networks and JP Morgan. Before coming to the US, Kang used to work for LG U+ as Telecom Engineer. Kang has Electrical Engineering BS degree from Seoul National University (Seoul, Korea) and MBA from Duke University. Kang has diversified background; Engineering and Business, Information & Communication Technology and Bio Tech, and global exposure.

AI and Data Science Showcase: MedySapiens, Inc.
MedySapiens provides solution to improve human’s Quality of Life thru ultimate harmony of Biomedical & Data Science (Bioinformatics and AI combined).

Cardiovascular Segmentation And Surgery Recommendation Using Deep-Learning
1. Stenosis detection & cardiovascular segmentation from cardio angiogram (dicom-formatted Xray) using deep learning, 2. Surgery recommendation of stent (PCI, Percutaneous Coronary Intervention, aka stent) vs.bypass (CABG, Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting) per Syntax Score.

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