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Co-founder and COO, doc.ai

Sam De Brouwer is a serial entrepreneur. Early in her career she founded one of the first employment websites in Europe called Jobscape, which later turned into Stepstone that went public on the London Stock Exchange. She helped establish the European research lab Starlab in partnership with MIT’s Medialab that specialized in blue sky research aka BANG (Bits, Atoms, Neurons and Genes). Most recently, she was a founding member of Inui Health, the 510K FDA cleared 1-minute home-based smart urine test. Now she serves as COO of doc.ai, an AI powered medical research platform.

AI and Data Sciences Showcase: doc.ai
doc.ai is an AI-powered medical research platform. The company’s mission is to decentralize precision medicine and accelerate the transformation of healthcare to enable people to live better lives. The company’s AI platform includes proprietary datasets and models to aid in the development of predictive models with other real-world data to provide personalized feedback to users about their medical issues. Moreover, doc.ai enables medical researchers to conduct studies more quickly, inexpensively, and accurately. By joining crowd-backed research data trials, individuals contribute to the advancement of medical research. Since its launch, doc.ai has received recognition from WIRED, CNBC, WSJ, Forbes, VentureBeat, Silicon Review, EconoTimes, Ethereum World News, HealthcareITNews, and Techonomy, among others. For more information or to download the free doc.ai app, visit http://www.doc.ai.

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