Speaker Profile

Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer, Gritstone Oncology

Dr. Yelensky is responsible for cancer antigen identification at Gritstone Oncology and oversees Gritstone’s genomics, proteomics and informatics program. Previously, he was vice president at Foundation Medicine. Dr. Yelensky co-led sequence data analysis for FoundationOne™ and established the FDA-regulated products program, leading to FDA approval of FoundationFocus CDxBRCA, the first NGS-based companion diagnostic.

Immunotherapy Showcase: Gritstone Oncology
Gritstone Oncology’s approach analyzes each patient’s tumor and seeks to unleash the patient’s immune system to destroy cancer cells.

Personalizing Immunotherapy for Each Cancer Patient
Gritstone Oncology’s personalized immunotherapy process leverages our EDGE AI platform to predict neoantigens that will be presented on a patient’s tumor, allowing us to create a patient-specific heterologous prime-boost immunotherapy that is designed to elicit a potent anti-tumor T cell response.

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