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Ph.D., Co-founder & COO, GenCirq, Inc.

I am a scientist with the goal of applying tools from Synthetic Biology to build therapeutic gene circuits in bacteria. These circuits program bacteria to deliver therapies for various diseases. During my graduate research under Jeff Hasty at UCSD, I pursued the development of genetic circuits in bacteria which could be applied in real world applications. This goal serendipitously occurred with the growing field of microbiome research and increasing evidence showing the importance of bacteria in cancer. My thesis work followed a translational approach to apply synthetic biology tools for the development of the Synchronized Lysis Circuit, or SLC. This approach uses bacteria as an engineered vehicle for therapeutic delivery and leverages the ability of certain bacteria to colonize tumor tissue. These efforts have led to the founding of a start-up company, Gencirq, Inc., which may one day bring these approaches to the clinic.

Emerging Therapeutics Showcase: GenCirq, Inc.
GenCirq is designing a new generation of therapeutic bacteria using the latest advances in Synthetic Biology.

Synchronized Cycles Of Bacterial Lysis For In Vivo Delivery
GenCirq, Inc. is developing a novel class of bacterial therapeutics with the latest advances in Synthetic Biology. Our Synchronized Lysis Circuit (SLC) results in controlled delivery of therapeutics and enhances the safety of bacterial cancer therapy.

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