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CEO, Founder, Arcascope

Olivia Walch is the CEO and Founder of Arcascope, a company specializing in using mathematical modeling to predict circadian rhythms. She received her Ph.D in Applied Mathematics from the University of Michigan in 2016, and has experience both in running laboratory sleep experiments and modeling these biological systems in ways that can be deployed on mobile devices. Apps developed by her have been downloaded nearly half a million times around the world.


AI and Data Sciences Showcase: Your Clock on Your Phone: Math Modeling of Circadian Rhythms
The circadian clock is of huge importance to health and wellbeing, but experimentally determining a person’s internal time is expensive, time-consuming and difficult. Math models can bridge this gap: by feeding a model of the circadian clock someone’s recent behavior and lighting history, models can generate a prediction for their internal time without the need for any invasive tests or samples. In my talk, I’ll discuss how math models deployed on mobile devices allow us to track someone’s internal time, and the many ways this tracking can be used to improve people’s lives.

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