Speaker Profile

Ph.D., CEO , Allcyte GmbH

Nikolaus Krall is a Vienna, Austria based biotech entrepreneur with a passion for translating cutting edge innovation from bench to bedside. In 2017, together with colleagues from the CeMM Research Centre for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, he co-founded Allcyte GmbH with the vision to bring the next generation of personalized cancer medicine to the clinic. Serving as the company’s CEO, he is currently responsible for Allcyte’s strategic development and clinical operations. Prior to this, he obtained his PhD in Chemical Biology at ETH Zurich, Switzerland developing novel targeted drug delivery strategies and companion diagnostics for the treatment of renal cell carcinoma and trained as an organic chemist at the University of Cambridge, UK.

Clinical & Research Tools Showcase: Allcyte GmbH
Allcyte is a biotech start-up company focused on functional drug testing in primary human material at the single cell level using our Pharmacoscopy high-content imaging platform. Our mission is to bring the next generation of personalized medicine to cancer patients and treating physicians, and support pharmaceutical companies to focus their drug development efforts on the right molecules in the right indications.

Enabling Precision Medicine Through Big Imaging Data
Functional drug testing is emerging as a powerful tool for personalized medicine. We will present how single-cell phenotypic screening in primary samples of hematological cancer patients can be used to identify highly effective, personalized combination therapies for multi relapsed patients.

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