Speaker Profile

Ph.D., Founder, Ripple Science

Nestor Lopez-Duran is an Associate Professor of clinical psychology at the University of Michigan. He leads the Michigan Psychoneuroendocrinology Affective Laboratory, where he conducts research on adolescent anxiety and depression. He is also the creator and founder of Ripple, a web-based tool designed to facilitate the recruitment and management or research participants in clinical studies. Ripple is now being used at over 40 research laboratories at multiple universities in the US and the UK.


Clinical & Research Tools Showcase: A New IT Platform to Improve Research Participant Recruitments
Poor participant recruitment is the number one reason why clinical trials fail and one of the biggest obstacles to medical innovation. The Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative Recruitment Best Practices proposal, as well as white papers published by IQVIA and others, call for a complete transformation of recruitment processes at the clinical site level. Yet, implementing these recommendations has been difficult. In this presentation, Nestor Lopez-Duran from Ripple Science will explain how the Ripple platform facilitates the adoption of recruitment best practices by clinical sites, which helps them identify eligible participants faster and increase retention of enrolled participants.

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