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PharmD, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacology Northwestern University

Minoli Perera is an Associate Professor of Pharmacology and a founding member of the Pharmacogenomics Center at Northwestern University. The Perera laboratory focuses on pharmacogenomics (using a patient’s genome to predict drug response) in minority populations. Working in this translation research space requires both clinical expertise as well as the use of high-throughput basic science approaches. These aspects are captured in the breath of research conducted in her lab; from basic science approaches to uncover novel biology to clinical studies aimed at accelerating the pace of genomic integration into medicine. The overall goal of this work is to bring the promise of precision medicine to all populations.


Pharmacogenomics (and It’s Challenges) in Diverse Populations
This talk will cover the overall issues of minority genomics data and association studies in the literature and public sphere. It will highlight how ignoring the role of population specific variants may affect the implementation of precision medicine in minority populations, and will end with current initiatives to enable precision medicine for all.

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