Speaker Profile

M.Sc., Founder and VP R&D, MYOR

Michael is passionately looking to overturn the practice of treating diseases with expensive pharmaceuticals instead of preventing them outright. A large swath of the diseases that place the largest burden on our medical system stem from improper nutritional intake. Current preventative and management strategies hinge on dramatically altering one’s lifestyle and eating habits, which is not easily achieved. Michael and his team believe that friendly and accessible technologies coupled with normative nutritional components can go a long way in preventing and managing common chronic diseases such as diabetes, depression, and allergies. Michael has close to a decade of experience in developing breakthrough food technologies and guiding cutting-edge medical research. He is the author of numerous patents and peer-reviewed articles covering health monitoring and food technologies.

Wellness and Aging Showcase: MYOR
MYOR, a personalized nutrition company, uses skin-surface noninvasive monitoring technologies to adjust nutrition and enable health.

MYOR: Exploring Skin, Discovering Health
You are what you eat. And your skin reveals it all. Through optical, biophysical and microbiome analyses, MYOR monitors health and translates that information into affordable and accessible nutritional solutions using big data and artificial intelligence technologies.

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