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Ph.D., Thomas B and Nancy Upjohn Woodworth Professor of Bipolar Disorder and Depression; Director, Heinz C Prechter, Bipolar Research Program, University of Michigan

Dr. Melvin G. McInnis is the Thomas B and Nancy Upjohn Woodworth Professor of Bipolar Disorder and Depression and the Director of the Heinz C Prechter Bipolar Research Program at the University of Michigan. Dr. McInnis is an internationally recognized expert in bipolar and depressive disorders. He has authored 270 scientific publications and has had continuous federal research funding for 25 years. He leads several dynamic and longitudinal research projects in translational research that includes an induced pluripotent stem cell and a mobile health program centered around bipolar disorder. He directs a comprehensive clinical consultative program in bipolar disorder at the University of Michigan Depressive Center and is active in community outreach and educational programs. He is the Associate Director for Research at the University of Michigan Depression Center.


Clinical and Research Tools Showcase: Predicting Episodes of Bipolar Mania and Depression from Speech and Behavior
Human disease manifests in multiple modalities, including speech and behavior. Bipolar disorder is a severe psychiatric disorder with periods of recurrent mania and depression, characterized by elevations or decreases in energy states. There are no reliable markers to measure signs and symptoms in mental health disorders. PRIORI (Predicting outcomes for rapid intervention) is a program to analyze speech and behaviors with the goal of determining features that are predictive of health states and health state changes. Initial findings indicate a predictive capacity for mood states with 75% accuracy. Additional strategies are underway to improve the accuracy of the methods.

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