Speaker Profile

Ph.D., Director, Translational Applications Biopharma Business Development, Mitra Biotech Inc.

Mark is the Director Translational Applications for Mitra’s biopharma marketing effort and works with clients to craft custom solutions for their drug development needs. He spent 16 years in commercial antibody discovery and clinical development focusing on immuno-oncology. He has >12 years of experience running core molecular and immunohistochemistry labs. He is a graduate of Case Western Reserve University with a Ph.D. in Genetics.

Immunotherapy Showcase: Mitra Biotech
Mitra Biotech’s CANscript™ is an ex-vivo translational platform that delivers powerful, individualized treatment response predictions — with exceptionally high correlation to clinical outcomes — to support more effective and efficient oncology drug development decision making and to inform patient-specific cancer therapeutic selection.

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