Speaker Profile

B.S., MBA, Chief Executive Officer, YouScript

Kristine Ashcraft is a molecular biologist by training and is CEO of YouScript Inc. She has worked in the precision medicine space since 2000. Kristine has authored multiple publications on the clinical and economic benefits of pharmacogenomic testing including one lauded as one of the most influential publications at a recent AMIA meeting. She has been interviewed by numerous media outlets including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and NBC Nightly News and has spoken at PMWC, SXSW, ASHG, and numerous Precision Medicine Conferences. She is committed to being a catalyst in the adoption of precision medicine.

Clinical & Research Tools Showcase: YouScript
YouScript reduces costs and saves lives with polypharmacy risk mitigation tools through real-time, gene-based medication guidance.

Maximizing The Impact Of Integrated Pharmacogenetic Prescribing
Highlighting gene-based prescribing and the seriousness of the adverse drug events (ADE) epidemic, I will detail how YouScript integrated into the EHR helps identify patients at risk for an ADE, applies pharmacogenetic analysis to reduce risk and improve medication efficacy.

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