Speaker Profile

Ph.D., President and CEO, InveniAI Corporation

Dr Nandabalan’s focus at InveniAI is using AI and ML to transform innovation across biopharma and other industries by anticipating future opportunities and challenges. The platform he has created melds human judgment, comprehensive data sets, and ML to identify hidden connections that represent emerging innovations in real-time. Over the past five years, he has pioneered the application of big data analytics, AI and ML in drug re-innovation. This resulted in the successful spinout of BioXcel Therapeutics (NASDAQ:BTAI) with clinical stage drugs in Immuni-Oncology and Neuroscience. He was instrumental in showcasing pharmocogenomic applications during the advent of personalized medicine and has 12 issued patents and published in leading journals such as Cell and Science. Dr Nandabalan has a thorough understanding of the global healthcare environment and the pharma value chain.

AI and Data Science Showcase: InveniAI Corporation
InveniAI Corp is a global leader in pioneering the application of AI and ML to transform innovation across healthcare and other industries.

Using AI and ML for Drug Re-Positioning and Monitoring External Innovation
Staying Innovative through AI/ML-driven signal detection for monitoring innovation across research, clinical and commercial activity and using AI-driven hypothesis generation for internal drug discovery by decoding connections between targets, diseases and drugs.

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