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M.D., CMO, Advanced Pathology & Genomic Services, Ambry Genetics

Dr. Bloom brings more than 30 years of clinical and business experience in pathology, oncology, telemedicine, and bioinformatics. His role at Ambry is to expand, strengthen and commercialize the full-suite of precision medicine capabilities offered within the pathology and genomics markets for Invicro and Ambry Genetics. Previously, Dr. Bloom was President and Head of Oncology & Immunotherapy for Human Longevity Inc., where his team developed and commercialized an industry leading cancer exome product and commercialized a technique for validating neoantigens predicted from sequencing. Dr. Bloom was also instrumental to the business strategy that evolved Clarient from a start-up to the acquisition by GE Healthcare.

Clinical Dx Showcase: Ambry Genetics
For nearly 20 years, Ambry has been seeking to better understanding gene-disease relationships through collaboration, research and innovation. We have identified novel genes, designed custom assays, and brought to market more than 500 unique diagnostic tests. We’ve been first-to-market with game-changing technologies, including clinical exome and hereditary cancer panels. With our committed team of experts, we are equipped with powerful technologies and stand by ready to develop custom assays to meet your specific criteria.

Decoding Disease Through a Molecular Solutions Platform
Through an integrated platform of genetic, proteomic and imaging technologies along with artificial intelligence (AI) data analysis tools, and clinical trial support, we can deliver the highest quality molecular profiling information unique to an individual’s biological make up.

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