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M.Sc., CEO, Aiforia Technologies

Kaisa Helminen leads Aiforia Technologies, a medical software company in a rapid expansion phase. Their Aiforia® Cloud is transforming clinical pathology and medical research by bringing deep learning AI to assist and augment human experts in image analysis. As a result, patients will have faster, more accurate diagnosis and more personalized care. Kaisa has a strong background in life science industry, where she has gained close to 20 years of experience in the global business. Previously she has worked for both midsize and large international life science companies, including Thermo Fisher Scientific, Sartorius and Finnzymes, in sales, marketing and business development positions. Kaisa holds a M.Sc. degree in biochemistry from the University of Helsinki.

AI and Data Sciences Showcase: Aiforia Technologies
Aiforia is a medical AI software company with a unique cloud-based solution to image-based diagnostics. We are transforming pathology and drug development by bringing deep learning AI to assist and augment human experts in image analysis.

Neural Networks In The Hands Of Medical Professionals
We’ll introduce Aiforia Cloud, a novel approach to AI-powered image-based diagnostics. With Aiforia, medical experts can rapidly create their own image analysis algorithms, without a data scientist or AI expertise. We will present several examples of applications from various domains.

Session Abstract – PMWC 2020 Silicon Valley

Session Synopsis: Overcoming data mining and visualization challenges is critical to the success of data science. Converting data to a visual framework such as data clustering allows trend recognition which in turn can help with decision making. This approach to insight generation linked with human experience will be very powerful for all aspects of data sciences.

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