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M.D., Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, TwinStrand Biosciences Inc.

Dr. Jesse Salk and is a medical oncologist and a Founder of TwinStrand Biosciences. His research interests lie in studying somatic evolution and the genomic processes that occur on the continuum between “normal”, preneoplastic and cancer, and applying this to knowledge to clinical medicine. He developed the ultra-high accuracy Duplex Sequencing technology with colleagues at the University of Washington, where he completed his medical and graduate degrees as well as clinical training. Since 2017, Dr. Salk has had led TwinStrand as its Chief Scientific Officer to apply it to new areas of high sensitivity early cancer detection, monitoring for residual disease, evolution of drug resistance and genetic toxicology, among other fields. He holds a clinical faculty appointment at the University of Washington and continues to care for cancer patients part time at the VA Puget Sound in Seattle.

Genomic Profiling Showcase: TwinStrand Biosciences Inc.
TwinStrand develops ultrasensitive Duplex Sequencing-based assays for early detection of cancer, residual disease monitoring and genotoxin assessment.

Clincial And Preclinical Applications Of Duplex Sequencing
Duplex Sequencing enables an unprecedented level of NGS accuracy, with error rates below one-in-ten-million. The technology is ideally suited to early detection of cancer, among other high sensitivity fields. Here we illustrate clinically-relevant case studies where such accuracy is critical.

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