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Ph.D., CEO, Cofactor Genomics

Jarret Glasscock is a geneticist and computational biologist. He is the founder and CEO of Cofactor Genomics, a tools and diagnostics company leveraging the power of RNA to diagnose disease. Prior to founding Cofactor Genomics in 2008, Jarret was faculty in the Department of Genetics at Washington University and part of The Genome Institute. While at WashU, he was involved in the Human Genome Project, published the first Cancer Genome, lead the Institute’s Computational Biology Group, and was part of the Institute’s Technology Development Group tasked with characterizing the first RNA-seq experiments on early instruments such as 454 and Illumina/Solexa(Serial #1). Jarret’s work to leverage signals in RNA to propel Precision Medicine Initiatives has been covered by Genetic Engineering News (GEN), Tech Crunch, and Wired Magazine. He is a member of the Personalized Medicine Coalition, International Society for Computational Biology, and is a Y Combinator Alum.

Immunotherapy Showcase: Cofactor Genomics
Cofactor leverages the power of RNA to model disease.

Application of Immune-specific Health Expression Models
Cofactor leverages our database of Health Expression Models (HEMs) to provide advanced insights into disease. Using HEMs specific to immune cell populations, we deliver tumor microenvironment characterization with improved precision and accuracy.

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