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D. Phil, Chief Technology Officer, Biodesix

Dr. Röder is a company founder and author or co-author of more than 100 publications/talks in theoretical physics and computational sciences. Dr. Röder obtained his D.Phil at Oxford University, and went on to become an eminent theoretical physicist with positions at University of Hanover and Bayreuth (Germany) and Los Alamos National Laboratory.


AI and Data Sciences Showcase: Applied Machine Learning for Immuno-Oncology Diagnostics
One of the many problems encountered in precision medicine is how to create and accurately assess the performance of a test tailored to a particular clinical question given the few small sample cohorts typically available during discovery. This presentation is aimed at informing the audience on how Biodesix’s classifier development platform helps overcome this problem and facilitate the use of cohorts where the number of samples is less than the number of measured patient attributes. In addition, the audience will learn about a new blood-based proteomic test that is clinically meaningful and useful in predicting patient benefit to immunotherapy.

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