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MBA, CEO, American BioOptics

Mr. Eric Benson is proud to introduce ABO’s InPoint™ System. A fast, convenient and personalized cancer risk stratification device that addresses at-risk populations, across several cancer screening programs, in order to identify high-risk patients at an early stage needing further care. Mr. Benson directs the Company’s strategic initiatives and financial well-being, while overseeing its legal and quality obligations, and its development, regulatory and manufacturing practices. Prior to leading ABO, Mr. Benson provided corporate development, finance and product planning support to a number of emerging medical product companies. Lead new product forecasting and strategy for at Astellas Pharma where he directed commercial analysis on both pipeline and in-line opportunities for BD&L and R&D teams. And prior he conducted Healthcare M&A investment banking at Dresner Partners, and managed R&D at Intergrated Genomics and Aastrom Biosciences.

Clinical Dx Showcase: American BioOptics
American BioOptics is revolutionizing cancer screening with the InPoint™ System, the first POC optical biopsy device to identify high-risk patients.

InPoint™ System: An Optical Biopsy Device For Cancer Risk Stratification
The InPoint™ System – a first-line, multi-indication cancer risk assessment platform – improves the screening process and patient outcomes by 1) increasing at-risk patient compliance, and 2) providing a cost-effective method to identify high-risk patients early, and in need of follow-up care.

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