Speaker Profile

Ph.D., Digital Project Manager, GE Healthcare

Elisabetta Grecchi is managing projects involving the development and application of predictive algorithms for clinical decision support and clinical trial enrichment in the neurology space. Elisabetta received a Ph.D. in Medical Imaging and Biomedical Engineering from King’s College London and worked as PET scientist in several clinical trials on neurodegenerative disorders. At GE Healthcare she is leveraging her knowledge to coordinate a multidisciplinary team in the development of applications to select the right patients to include in Alzheimer’s Disease clinical trial to improve trial efficiency and boost trial success. Elisabetta and the Pharmaceutical Diagnostic Digital team are also focusing on developing applications to help physician with differential diagnosis and managing long term care plan in Parkinson’s Disease.

Clinical & Research Tools Showcase: GE Healthcare
GE Healthcare enables precision health in diagnostics, therapeutics and monitoring through data analytics, applications and services.

Predictive Analytics For Clinical Trial Enrichment
GE Healthcare cloud-based application predicts the likelihood of patients to have an abnormal PET scan. The application can be used as pre-screening tool in Alzheimer’s Disease clinical trial to reduce costs associated with inconclusive PET scans and shorten screening window.

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