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MS, MBA, VP, Global Product Collaborations, Ayasdi

Devi Ramanan is a Product Leader with 20+ years of global experience leading Product Teams in the Technology (Accenture & Ayasdi), Healthcare (Genentech, Pac Bio, InVitae) and Financial Services (UBS) verticals, at large companies and start-ups alike. Currently, Devi is VP of Global Collaborations at Ayasdi, an AI and data-science Stanford Spin-off. She is a technical, hands-on problem solver who ensures & empowers her teams to succeed. Also, Devi continues to be a strategic advisor to start-ups in the Technology & Healthcare verticals. She actively blogs at http://medium.com/@devi_ramanan & http://www.ayasdi.com/blog/author/devi/.

AI and Data Science Showcase: Ayasdi
Ayasdi helps companies around the world to use AI to make employees more productive and to drive fundamental breakthroughs.

Why is TDA the Source of so Many Breakthroughs in Science?
Our collaborators continue to change the world using our software, solving problems from Disease Recovery to Genomics, SCI/TBI, Asthma, Diabetes, Oncology, Proteomics, etc. We can handle high dimensional, unstructured/unlabelled data, with weak signals that present itself in a time series format.

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