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M.D., Ph.D, Chief Medical Officer, IGM Biosciences

Dan is Chief Medical Officer at IGM Biosciences, focused on the development of novel engineered therapeutics. Prior to IGM, he was Vice President, Global Head of Cancer Immunotherapy in Development at Genentech/Roche, contributing to over 20 cancer immunotherapy programs. He is currently co-chair of the Cancer Immunotherapy Committee, an arm of the Cancer Research Institute (CRI), and serves on the Board of Directors for the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC). His publications include the often referenced Chen and Mellman manuscripts, “Elements of cancer immunity and the cancer-immune set point” and “Oncology meets Immunology: the Cancer-Immunity Cycle.” Dan received his BS degree in Biology from MIT, MD PhD from USC (Microbiology & Immunology) and completed medicine and medical oncology training at Stanford. He also completed a post-doctoral fellowship with Mark Davis (Immunology/Stanford) and then stayed on to run the metastatic melanoma clinic at the Stanford Cancer Center. Dan continued to care for melanoma patients at Stanford until 2016.

Immunotherapy Showcase: IGM Biosciences
IGM Biosciences is the world leader in a new class of therapeutic antibodies.

From Violins to Orchestras, Engineering Therapeutics and the Future of Cancer Immunotherapy
Cancer Immunotherapy with PD-L1/PD-1 inhibitors have generated durable responses in a subset of patients and a survival benefit in a broad group of patients suffering from terminal cancers. However, the next generation of cancer immunotherapeutics have not yet led to a similar therapeutic impact, potentially supporting the complexity and highly regulatred nature of the human immune system. However, advances in engineered therapeutics, from cellular therapy to highly modified multispecifc molecules, is enabling more ad-vanced methods to modulating biology and the immune system to eradict cancer.

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