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Ph.D., President, DataSpeaks, Inc.

Dr. Bagne invented the science of individuality measurement algorithm (SIMA). SIMA adds precision to basic and applied sciences of complex adaptive systems (e.g., persons, brains). SIMA applies to data for two or more time-dependent variables with two or more repeated measurements. Standardized SIMA scores quantify evidence for interactions over time. Applications of SIMA include single-person and group randomized controlled trials, quantification of time dependent phenomena, and machine learning. Gain significance and power with more repeated measurements. Obtain solid scientific results for each individual with SIMA before any statistical aggregation, group description, and inference from samples to populations. Precision gained by SIMA offers to help make medicine safer, more ethical, and more cost-effective. SIMA derives from Bagne’s PhD in experimental psychology, post-doctoral training in mental health statistics, and university and pharmaceutical industry experience.

AI and Data Science Showcase: DataSpeaks, Inc.
DataSpeaks, an early stage software company, computes precision quantitative time-dependent phenotypes – From Genomes to Health (TM).

Precision Science for Precision Medicine
Normal biomedical science yields only group average results. The science of individuality measurement algorithm (SIMA) is to longitudinal data and individuals what statistics is to groups and populations. Gain precision and productivity with SIMA before statistical analyses and modeling.

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