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Ph.D., President, DataSpeaks, Inc.

Curtis A. Bagne completed his Ph.D. in experimental psychology at Michigan State University and post-doctoral training in mental health statistics at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Curt has held positions at the Dartmouth and Wayne State University medical schools and has clinical research experience at Parke-Davis Pharmaceutical Research. Curt invented the science of individuality measurement algorithm (SIMA) to accelerate data-driven basic and applied sciences of complex adaptive systems.


AI and Data Sciences Showcase: Precision Drug Development with the Science of Individuality Measurement Algorithm
The pharmaceutical industry, regulators, clinicians, patients, potential patients, and payers will learn how overall safety and effectiveness, starting with the first person on drug, can be evaluated for chronic disorders by applying the science of individuality measurement algorithm (SIMA) to data BEFORE statistical aggregation and analyses. A single-group trial with doses randomized over time and a multitude of time-dependent response variables can test the null hypothesis of no treatment effect. Rejection in the positive direction would indicate that benefits exceed harms. Negative direction rejection indicates that harms exceed benefits. SIMA adds precision, validity, productivity, ethics, and efficiency to drug development.

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