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Ph.D., Senior Research Scientist, Advanced Omics, Battelle

Dr. Bartling has over 15 years of research experience in the life sciences, including a B.S. and Ph.D. in biochemistry. Dr. Bartling is leading proteomics efforts at Battelle, and he has led several proteomics and genomics programs to date. For example, he is leading a project to identify relevant peptide variants from hair using a variety of extraction and preparation protocols. Further, he is leading efforts to develop a database-independent antibody sequencing method from mass spectrometry data. He is also leading efforts to annotate threatening protein sequences for biosecurity purposes. Dr. Bartling’s other relevant past programs include: PI for development of an NGS-based method that classifies tissues based on epigenetic signatures; and PI/PM for a significant commercial program involving protein purification and proteomic identification of transgenic crop events.

Microbial Profiling Showcase: Battelle
Battelle is a non-profit R&D institution solving the world’s most pressing challenges and delivers when others can’t. We conduct research and development, manage laboratories, design and manufacture products, and deliver critical services for our clients – whether it’s a multi-national corporation, a small start-up organization or a government agency. We are valued for our independence and ability to innovate.

Rapid Sequence-Based Pathogen Detection For Diagnostic Applications
Point of care/use advances in DNA-sequencing based diagnostics demand rapid, computational-efficient methodologies to detect and characterize causative agents. Battelle’s DNA screening platforms ThreatSEQ™, and Functional Genomic and Computational Assessment of Threats (Fun GCAT) will deliver future diagnostics enhancing this approach.

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