Speaker Profile

Ph.D., Professor, UC Berkeley, CTO, Unite Genomics

Dr. Joseph is cofounder of Unite Genomics where he leads Machine Learning and software development efforts. At Berkeley, his Big Data Genomics lab is developing ADAM: scalable distributed algorithms for Whole Genome Sequence analyses, including population-scale association analyses. Joseph’s group developed techniques that leverage cloud computing to inexpensively accelerate alignment and variant calling by two orders of magnitude over GATK 3, and enable easy parallelization of legacy bioinformatics tools. He joined the UC Berkeley faculty in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in 1998 and is a core faculty member of Berkeley’s Center for Computational Biology. He received his BS, SM, and PhD degrees in Computer Science from MIT, and is a member of IEEE, ACM, and USENIX. At Berkeley, Joseph also leads the Secure Machine Learning research group which is developing computer security defenses for ML-based decision systems, and operates the DETERlab cybersecurity research testbed.

Illumina Accelerator Showcase: Unite Genomics
Unite Genomics provides real-world clinico-genomic datasets and an efficient scalable engine for delivering rapid insights into population-scale data.

Population-Scale Clinico-Genomic Data: Enabling Precision Drug Development
Life sciences companies are shifting from broad population drug development to subpopulation indications, yielding a growing need for clinical phenotypes and molecular data on thousands of patients, along with computational tools enabling rapid discovery of molecular and phenotype associations.

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