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Founder, Ciitizen

Anil Sethi lost his little sister Tania on 9/11/17 to metastatic breast cancer. From “oh my God don’t let it be cancer” to Tania’s last wishes, he’s experienced the caregiver journey, firsthand. In honor of Tania, Anil recently founded his sixth consumer-health venture, Ciitizen. To help kill cancer, in our lifetime. In 2016 Apple acquired Sethi’s consumer health startup Gliimpse which helped patients manage their health records. He also founded Sequoia, shepherding it through three venture rounds and in 2000 completing an IPO (Nasdaq: SQSW) before Sequoia’s sale to Citrix in 2001 for its patient-portal business. In 2004, WebMD (Nasdaq: WBMD) acquired Sethi’s first startup, Dakota Imaging, for its healthcare claims processing business.


Patient Controlled Data Will Assist in Accelerating the Adoption of PM into the Clinic
In the mid-16th century Copernicus advanced mathematics and science by suggesting that the sun rather than the earth was actually at the center of our solar system. His revolutionary stance was the catalyst for huge scientific progress. We propose something just as radical. Imagine a solution to improve both clinical health care and advance research that’s HIPAA compliant, FHIR compatible, completely interoperable and easily adaptable to current EHR players like Cerner. It’s entirely possible. All we have to do is reposition the center of our EHR universe. We promise and epic session.

AI and Data Sciences Showcase: A Patient-mediated mHealth Solution to Legally Collecting and Sharing Clinical Data
Physicist Max Planck suggested, “in the correct formulation of the question lies the key to the ‘correct’ answer.” The healthcare industry continues their slog in trying to control siloed patient data. They continue to ask incorrect questions and thus miss the key that connects better outcomes with lower costs—the patient. We’ll discuss the specifics of a model of patient mediated data collection and sharing, and how patients may be the key to accelerating and unlocking genomic data for curative discoveries.

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