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Ph.D., Director of Research, Arivale

Andrew Magis leads the Research Team at Arivale, responsible for developing and implementing cutting-edge approaches to large-scale analytics and systems modeling on longitudinal multi-omic data. Andrew was recruited from the Institute for Systems Biology (ISB) in Seattle, where he served as a key member of biotech pioneer Dr. Lee Hood’s pilot study team on the 2014 Pioneer 100 Wellness Project. The pilot focused on optimizing wellness through longitudinal data collection and analysis, generating tens of thousands of data points for each participant. As a result, ISB spun out Arivale, a company focused on combining personalized data and coaching to bring scientific wellness to consumers. Prior to joining ISB, Andrew‘s work focused on disease classification algorithms, next-generation sequencing applications, and applied high-performance computing in computational drug discovery. He received his PhD in biophysics and computational biology at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

Genomic Profiling Showcase: Arivale
Arivale is the Scientific Wellness® company that helps members optimize wellness and avoid disease.

Deeply-phenotyped Individuals in Discovery and Preclinical Research
Arivale deeply-phenotypes thousands of individuals, including genomic, clinical, microbiome, metabolomics, proteomics, quantified self, and lifestyle data. This longitudinal dataset is ideal for discovery or preclinical research, including PheWAS, biomarker discovery, and behavioral associations.

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