Speaker Profile

M.D., MBA, Vice President of Clinical Services, Essential Health Solutions

Dr. William Haas earned both his medical and business degrees from East Carolina University, one of the nation’s top primary-care training programs. He is board-certified in family medicine and attended the University of Arizona for his Integrative Medicine fellowship. In addition to his Integrative Medicine training, Dr. Haas is a candidate for certification with the Institute for Functional Medicine. Currently, Dr. Haas practices Integrative Medicine and serves as the Chief Medical Officer for Essential Health & Wellness. Additionally, he operates as the Vice President for Clinical Services at Essential Health Solutions, a healthcare IT company.

Wellness and Aging Showcase: Essential Health Solutions
Healthcare IT company driving the development of personalized healthcare in the primary-care and consumer spaces.

Translating Personalize Medicine into the Primary-Care Setting
Learn how primary-care practitioners are leveraging advanced diagnostics to develop personalized care plans to optimize health and longevity.

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