Speaker Profile

Ph.D., M.S., Founder and CEO of doc.ai

Walter De Brouwer is a Belgian-born Internet and technology entrepreneur with over 27 years of experience. Mr. De Brouwer has 7 U.S. patents published and 21 submitted. De Brouwer is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and served as President of RSA Europe from 2006 to 2008. He is a member of TED, curator of TEDxBrussels and was a distinguished lecturer at the National Science Foundation in 2013.De Brouwer’s articles have been published by The Huffington Post, Techonomy, and others. His article, “How the People Are Taking Over the World,” was among Techonomy’s Most-Read Articles of 2014 and was cited by its editors as “perhaps the most philosophical of Techonomy’s top articles” that year.Prior to doc.ai, De Brouwer was the Founder and CEO Scanadu Inc., a $57m venture-backed mobile health company.

Presentation Title and Company Description

AI and Data Science Showcase: TBD
doc.ai is computational linguistics company building a robo-doctor for quantified biology that follows biological markers across the OMICS. Doc.ai recently started a successful Initial Coin Offering to deploy its AI on the Blockchain based Neuron network designed to collect, predict and change health outcomes for patients and providers.

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