Speaker Profile

B.Sc, M.S., CEO & Co-Founder, 3Scan

Todd Huffman is the CEO and Co-Founder of 3Scan, a San Francisco based start-up, who took his interest in mapping the human brain and has expanded it into an enterprise now digitizing whole tissue samples in support of scientific discovery and biotechnology. Using a proprietary imaging platform to gather microscopy data from across large volumes of tissue, 3Scan processes data through custom designed algorithms to create a three-dimensional structural map of anatomical features from cells to organs. Todd’s background is in complex technology innovation, particularly in domains on the collection and organization of data. He previously worked for DARPA on post-disaster stabilization and information, an early contributor to open-data initiatives such as OpenStreetMap. In addition to his scientific pursuits Todd is also a widely published photographer.

Company Competition

3Scan combines optics, automation, and artificial intelligence to revolutionize histology for academia and pharmaceutical development. We digitize whole tissue samples, build them into 3D models and provide clients decision support.
Website: 3scan.com

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