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Ph.D., Associate Professor of Medicine, Founder, Siolta Therapeutics

Dr. Lynch’s microbiome research program has three focal areas: 1. Early origins of disease development, with a focus on the infant gut microbiome as a contributor to subsequent childhood disease development; 2. Leveraging microbiome and immune profiles in established chronic inflammatory disease to stratify patients and tailor therapy and 3. Rational design of therapeutic cocktails of microbes for induction of immune tolerance. Dr. Lynch is an Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of California San Francisco, where she also Directs the Microbiome Research Core and acts as Associate Director of the Microbiome in Inflammatory Disease Program. She is also a founder and sits on the Board of Directors of Siolta Therapeutics.


The Gut Microbiome and Childhood Allergic Asthma
One month old infants possess one of three compositionally distinct gut microbiota states, predictive of relative risk for multi–sensitized atopy at age–two years and doctor–diagnosed asthma at age–four years. Manipulation of the murine gut microbiome with a rationally designed cocktail of bacteria prevents allergic airway sensitization.

Session Abstract – PMWC 2017 Silicon Valley

Session Synopsis: As the pace of investigations into the relationship between the human microbiome and disease states increases, new tools to interrogate and manipulate the microbiome are routinely reported. Several of these advances will be described in this session.

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