Speaker Profile

MSC, Bioinformatics and Data Science Consulting Director, Ardigen

Piotr Stępniak has 10 years of experience in academic and commercial bioinformatics projects, which includes working with partners from universities, medical research institutions, cancer clinics and biotech companies. He conducted bioinformatics research dedicated to biomarker discovery, enzyme redesign, drug discovery, as well as prediction of clinical events such as surgery complications and early brain metastasis. Piotr joined Ardigen, a leading Polish bioinformatics and AI company, to pursue the advancement of precision medicine in oncology with the application of artificial intelligence. His role is to shape the scientific grounds of projects with partners and within the company. His expertise spreading across Life Sciences, Data Science and IT was instrumental in creating a successful collaboration relationship with over a dozen partners ranging from academia, through emerging biotech companies, up to big pharma located in San Francisco Bay Area, Greater Boston Area and European Union.


Genomic Profiling Showcase: Teaching AI to Improve Immunotherapy Response Rate
Increasing immunotherapy response rate remains one of the main challenges of contemporary immuno-oncology. We apply artificial intelligence methods to improve patient stratification by building models reflecting the interactions between cancer and immune system. Created AI platform will enable personalized vaccine design.

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