Speaker Profile

Ph.D., President and co-founder, HealthSpan Dx

Natalia has over 20 years of research experience developing molecular biology assays in the field of cancer research. She has a strong background in molecular biology, biochemistry and cellular biology. Prior to co-founding HealthSpan Dx, Natalia was on the faculty of Department of Pharmacology at UNC Chapel Hill. Natalia holds BS in Chemical Engineering from Mendeleev Institute of Chemical Technology in Moscow, Russia and PhD in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry from Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio.

Clinical Dx Showcase: HealthSpan Dx
HealthSpan Dx is developing precision diagnostics to measure physiologic aging, reveal an individual patient’s risk, and prevent devastating consequences of generic treatment strategies, saving lives and improving health

Bringing Biomarkers of Aging into Clinic
While patient’s age is a risk factor in every medical procedure, chronological age is not a good indicator of biological aging. Instead, a decline in physiologic reserve is the underlying cause of poor or adverse responses. The mismatch between patient’s molecular age and doctor’s perception of it, puts patients at higher risk for adverse events, leading to deaths, long-term disability, and immense costs. HealthSpan Dx is developing precision diagnostics of molecular age. We will describe our approach to establishing clinical utility of biomarkers of aging in clinical practice and share discovery of the molecular age-based risk score in cardiovascular setting.

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