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Co-Founder, Genetic Foresight

Matt studied Bioengineering at University of California, Berkeley. He is passionate about deploying bioinformatics in the clinical setting to improve patient care. He cofounded Genetic Foresight in 2016 leveraging a combination of software technology and genetics to personalize treatment, maximize therapeutic success rates, and reduce adverse drug reactions. Currently, within the company, he’s heavily involved in product development, marketing, and sales. Before cofounding Genetic Foresight, he worked in a genomics laboratory that genetically engineered yeast to produce the world’s first vegan cheese; this experiment proceeded to win a gold medal at an international genetics competition. In addition to this, he co-led an engineering team that sent an experiment to the International Space Station.

Company Competition

Genetic Foresight
Genetic Foresight is dedicated to preventing adverse drug reactions and improving medication efficacy.
Website: geneticforesight.com

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