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M.S., M.B.A., CEO, Precision BioSciences

Matt Kane is the CEO and co-founder of Precision BioSciences, a privately held gene editing biotech that uses the therapeutic grade editing platform, ARCUS. Matt has led Precision since its inception in 2006 and serves on Precision’s Board. He has over fifteen years of experience in the life sciences industry and was formerly with Suros Surgical Systems, later acquired by Hologic. When he isn’t working, you can find Matt enjoying time with his wife and daughters, hiking with his dogs, or stuck under a squat bar. He received his B.S. and M.S. from the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, and holds an MBA from Duke University.


Delivering on The Promise of Genome Editing
Genome editing platforms have been studied for over 20 years, always holding the elusive promise of solving critical issues faced by humanity. CRISPR’s easy-to-use, open platform has generated new data and new excitement for genome-editing. This talk will address overcoming remaining challenges in delivery, specificity, and control of editing.

Session Abstract – PMWC 2018 Silicon Valley

Session Synopsis: Since its launch, the disruptive CRISPR technology has been widely adopted and is now on a path to transform biological research with the promise of new therapeutics for both treating and curing human diseases. This session will cover new CRISPR products and different applications that harness the power of the CRISPR technology.

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