Speaker Profile

VP of Research and Development, Elysium Health

Mark Morris, Elysium Health vice president of research and development, is passionate about bringing an open
source model to clinical research in an effort to accelerate advances in human health. By increasing the
transparency in scientific research and developing partnerships, a multi-discipline approach may not only fast-track discovery but also lead to a more complete understanding of health issues and more effective treatments. In his role at Elysium, he is responsible for the clinical research program, product development, and commercialization of proprietary technologies. One area of particular interest is the synergy between NAD+ modulation and sirtuin activation, which can be beneficial for a wide range of therapeutic areas. Morris has fifteen years of experience developing new technologies in various industries and has received several patents throughout his career. He has a B.S. in chemical engineering from the University of Akron and resides in New York City.

Presentation Title and Company Description

Wellness and Aging Showcase: How Open Access Research Can Change Human Health
Elysium Health is creating a new category in the health industry by translating advances in science and technology into effective, scientifically sound health products available directly to consumers.

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