Speaker Profile

Ph.D., Chief Science Officer at Altoida Inc; Senior Resarcher at ETH Zurich and Atlantic Fellow with the Global Brain Health Institute

Ioannis Tarnanas’ research focuses on using new technologies to understand the aging process and to establish prevention methods that decrease the risk of developing dementia or delay the onset of the disease. Tarnanas has developed models and screens of dementia using computerized tests of complex, real-life activities, such as a novel assessment of spatial navigation and movement trajectory. With this technology, Tarnanas recently created an accurate predictive tool based on cognitive and non-cognitive biomarkers of early onset dementia. The program—named Altoida AR—can spot the first neurological effects of Alzheimer’s disease with 94% accuracy up to six years before symptoms appear.

At Altoida Inc, Ioannis will continue to pursue his development of computational biomarkers of Alzheimer’s disease. He is also working with local and international Alzheimer advocacy organizations to develop a responsible strategy to implement this technology and enable machine intelligence for disease prevention.

Presentation Title and Company Description

AI and Data Science Showcase: Alzheimer’s Disease Digital Biomarker via Self Learning Algorithms
ALTOIDA develops digital biomarker technologies that collect functional as well as cognitive biomarkers is able to classify the risk for Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) up to six years prior it’s onset at higher accuracy rates than today’s Golden Standard biomarkers.

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