Speaker Profile

Ph.D., Microfluidic Devices Manager, Complete Genomics

I-Jane leads a group of microfluidic engineers and collaborates with internal and external scientists developing products for single cell sequencing and high throughput enzyme screening. She obtained her Ph. D. from University of Tennessee in Biomedical Engineering. Before joining CGI, she worked at Becton Dickson and Caliper Lifesciences.

Genomic Profiling Showcase: Complete Genomics
A U.S. subsidiary of BGI Group, leading advanced sequencing technologies.

A Handheld, Power-Free Single Cell Sequencing System
iDrop delivers >2000 MEANINGFUL cell genomic information each run in 20 minutes with pollution rate <2%. We will share results collected from various types of samples, including fresh/frozen tissues, live stem cells, and comparison against 10X’s Chromium.

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