Speaker Profile

M.D., Associate Professor, Attending Oncologist and Clinical Geneticist, Stanford University

Dr. Hanlee Ji graduated in 1994 from John Hopkins School of Medicine in Internal Medicine and went on to specialize in Oncology. He is currently the Assistant Professor, Medicine – Oncology at Stanford University CA. His research group is pursuing projects focused on personalized medicine. Specifically, he is interested in using genetic and genomic approaches in oncology to improve targeted cancer therapy, make accurate prognosis, predict cancer therapy efficacy and identify clinically relevant cancer mutations.


Single Molecule and Cell Genomic and Immunologic Determinants of Cancer
Determinants of cancer will increasingly occur at the resolution of single molecule and cells. This presentation describes how new genomic methods are being used to discretely and granularly identify determinants of cancer development, maintenance and immunologic interactions with the benefits of high resolution analysis with single molecule and cell granularity.

Session Abstract – PMWC 2017 Silicon Valley

Session Synopsis: Current approaches to genomic analysis have shown great promise in improving diagnostic and therapeutic decision making. However, the medical genome is incomplete using standard methods. Additional data suggests that analysis at the single cell level improves our understanding of biologically complex disease. This session will reveal new technology that is enabling progress in both of these areas.

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