Speaker Profile

M.D., CEO & Founder, Comite Precision Medicine & Health

Dr. Florence Comite is an internationally recognized leader and innovator in the field of Precision Medicine with extensive experience detecting, predicting, and reversing disorders of aging to optimize healthy longevity and vitality via personalized interventions. In 2005, Dr. Comite established the Center for Precision Medicine in New York City, where she integrates and interprets metabolomic, lifestyle, phenotypic and genomic data to provide n-of-1 health analyses and tailored interventions to high-level executives, physicians, celebrities, and self-quantifiers around the globe. Dr. Comite’s early-stage startup, Quantiome, scales her precise and personalized approach to health care as a digital application.

Presentation Title and Company Description

Wellness and Aging Showcase: Scaling Precision Medicine: A Clinical Perspective from the Front Line
Comite Precision Medicine & Health (CPM&H) is a company with a mission to democratize access to n-of-1 health care. By integrating and interpreting an individual’s unique and evolving omics data, CMP&H provides tailored and proactive interventions that can reverse diseases of aging and optimize healthy longevity.

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