Speaker Profile

Ph.D., MBA, CEO and Cofounder, Arterys

Fabien Beckers is the CEO and co-founder of Arterys, a cloud/deep learning startup that is disrupting the medical imaging space and building image-based precision medicine tools. Fabien has led the growth of the company from four co-founders to a team of 34 today. Under his leadership, the company has become a pioneer in cloud-based medical imaging software, offering the first FDA-cleared end-to-end cloud infrastructure for medical imaging. They key advantages of the platform being automatic aggregation of real-world data and ability to scale and distribute the processing of increasingly large, complex datasets. Fabien’s vision for the company is to accelerate data-driven medicine by building precision medicine tools based on the consistent quantification of medical image features in combination with molecular, genomics and patient history data. Fabien holds a PhD in Quantum Physics from the University of Cambridge and a masters of business from Stanford University.

Presentation Title and Company Description

AI and Data Science Showcase: Realizing the Promise of AI in Imaging
Arterys builds intelligent, easy to use software to make imaging accurate and data driven. We use cloud super computation and AI to aggregate and learn from worldwide data, and create applications expedite image interpretation, and increase consistency across clinicians.

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