Speaker Profile

MBA, Co-Founder/Chief Operating Officer, Patient Power LLC

Esther Schorr is co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Patient Power, a leading online channel for cancer patients and family members. She has worked with her spouse, Andrew, on patient and family education projects for more than 30 years. She has supported him in his cancer journey since diagnosis in Seattle in April 1996. Esther is passionate about empowering “care partners” and is a strong believer that education leads to empowerment and better care. Most recently, she has been developing a Care Partner Center on the patientpower.info to help connect care partners with each other for support and information sharing, as well as surface resources to help care partners navigate their special role in the healthcare and advocacy journey. Esther’s experience as a business and marketing consultant and project manager spans high technology, finance, hospitality, not-for-profit, and health care sectors. Esther has an undergraduate degree in communications and an MBA, both from UCLA.

Session Abstract – PMWC 2017 Silicon Valley

Session Synopsis: Scientists and investors get excited about breakthrough science. Patients and the people who care about them get excited about knocking back a cancer with effectiveness never before dreamed possible. They have memorable stories to tell that will inspire you and remind you of why you devoted yourself to science in the first place.

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